Transport discounts after retirement

Transport discounts after retirement

After working a lifetime, it’s time to retire, but we do not always have enough money to do all the activities we’ve been dreaming about for years. Retirement discounts are not always available to everyone, so we want to list the various options from which you can obtain benefits both nationally and in different societies of the country. To be able to access any discount we must be identified with the pensioner card to show that they are entitled to visit and get a 2020 Medicare advantage comparison

Transport discounts offered by Transport Consortium of the state:

It has special discounts for retired people, being very cheap compared to the prices for other users. We provide all the discounts for people over 65 years on public transport:


Some trains also have a great discount in all its modalities (long distance, short distance, Medium distance, alleys, and avenues), for it we must acquire the special card, which gives the right to obtain additional discounts from 25% to 50% dependent on the type of service and day of the week.


The long-distance buses also have discounts for the older ones, being the different companies, those that get to do up to 40% discount on their tickets


The long and short distance, both the flights have really a good discount of about 50% of air tickets and also a few more services like meals and other items included in the fare.


When you retire and want to make an economic trip, the first thing you think about is some services provided by institutional bodies especially for senior adults who are willing to do the task of organizing activities for retirees. Thanks to this entity, dependent on the Government can book many trips in and out of the peninsula at a very affordable price in both low and high season.

Another advantage of this kind of services is that the companion can benefit despite being active. In addition to the travel program, trips to different spas are very much in demand. There are many travel agencies are making great efforts to make discounts to retired people. The network of some of the renowned travel agencies has created the golden days where they offer between 10% and 35% to people over 60 and above. Thus the government of any country has to ensure their senior citizen to give them a good discount on public and private transport services.