Artifex Studios’ Continuum VFX Reel

They’ve done it again! After the amazing season that Continuum delivered this year, it’s easy to take for granted the incredible visual effects work that Artifex Studios contributes to this show. But whether it’s the new HUD, the assassination reconstruction, or the epic fight scene in the season finale, the artists really upped their game. Take a look at the VFX reel published recently highlighting the best of season 2.

Continuum: Award-Winning Visual Effects

It’s official! Continuum’s visual effects are the best in the biz, if Adam Stern‘s Canadian Screen Award is any indication. The head of Artifex Studios accepted the award during the inaugural event last night, which combines the old Gemini Awards for television and the Genies for film into one Golden-Globes-like gala. We’ve all been so impressed with what Artifex Studios has been able to achieve, and the award couldn’t be going to a more deserving member of the crew. Adam has been involved in the social media aspects of the show, interacting with fans, and even doing an interview with us. (CAUTION: Spoilers!)

INTERVIEW – VFX Guru Adam Stern

Adam Stern and Artifex Studios not only did an amazing job with the visual effects for Continuum, they also did a fantastic job of interacting with the fans of the show on Twitter and Facebook. Whether it’s Kiera’s HUD, the CPS Flyers, or the massive 3D landscape of 2077 Vancouver, Adam and his crew have made the VFX its own character in this series. We asked Adam about some of our favorite effects in this interview, two sci fi geeks to another.

Amazing Aging VFX

To make a correction from our podcast for the season finale of Continuum, I re-watched the scene with Kagame speaking to elder Julian near the end of the episode. Wow! That is some seamless precision from the guys at Artifex Studios. We’re starting to sound like total Adam Stern kiss-ups, but the fact of the matter is his crew does an amazing job of making the visual effects completely invisible. Excellent work! Now perhaps you could make William B. Davis look more like young Alec…

Thanks, Artifex Studios!

The guys at Artifex Studios were nice enough to send us each some nice swag in appreciation of our podcast. We’re just a couple of fans who happen to be recording a discussion we would be having anyway, and any contact with those who are responsible for creating the show that we love is just icing on the cake. We think Adam Stern and everyone at Artifex Studios do a great job of creating the special effects that give Continuum its unique look, and we can’t remember a time when the VFX guys were so directly involved with the fanbase, especially on Twitter. Thanks again, Adam, and good luck with Season 2! (It’ll happen!)