TRUTH: I have a mole under my right eye. People keep suggesting that I remove it. It's benign. And I like it. So it stays. Always. It is ME.
Rachel Nichols

UPDATE: Rachel Nichols DID end up getting her eye mole removed, according to this excerpt from an article over at The Loop:

“I’ve had this skin tag under my eye. I decided to tie a string around it and take it off. I showed up for this season and said, ‘I got my mole removed,’ and [creator] Simon [Barry] said, ‘Oh, we’re going to have to digitally put it on you in all the flash forwards because those are the fans that we have.’”

She’s right, you know. Sci fi fans (and Continuum fans in particular) are just that observant!

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  • Friend

    Sounds cruel, but I would, honestly

  • winzentween

    She comes off as someone not in touched with the world she works and profits from and a bit of a prima donna.

    She is a celeb an actress, she takes money to sell her image to the world including various nude scenes and nude photoshoots and sex sex sex which means that her face is one of her most salable asset. If your fans or viewing public object then you fall in line or go be a pig farmer in Idaho lol

    Every job I have ever had has had rules like short hair, clean shaven, wash daily etc. and other jobs which pay alot of money expect you to be a certain weight and certainly a fitness level and more young women then is healthy have surgical operations, injections, teeth care, tans etc. for their career benefit,

    so it shows disdain to say, ‘deal with it, thats who i am’.

    I respect and agree with her but she is totally unrealistic and ignorant of the ultra privilege world she is is so lucky to be part of which she would not be in if she wasn’t physically pleasing. This mole is distracting and was not part of her original look. She should try being a pig farmer and see how she likes it in a world where choice is not an option.

    I’d like to say it is her choice but it isn’t and it will cost her dearly if it gets worse as her most redeeming asset is her beauty and sadly the entertainment industry is possibly the cruelest place on earth to women, especially those who are less than perfect 😕

    • CindyCrawfordRocked

      you are becoming an obsessed, crazed fan about this mole. It’s HER
      body, not YOURS. If you can not stop obsessing about it then you need
      medication! Cindy Crawford was known for her mole and she even accentuated it.

      • winzentween

        lol i love people who tell others what to do and think anyone who disagrees is crazy lol what you miss is that she is a public figure and i am a fan who owns a slice of her public image as a paying customer which was her choice so my voice counts…she doesnt need to listen but she will when a voice becomes a crowd and her roles stop coming in but might be 2 late then 😕

        • Thomas Fiscoe

          You don’t know her as a person at all. You’ve never met her. Even if you’d spent a few days with her you still wouldn’t know enough about her as a person to comment on her in such ways.

          It’s clear you are jealous of the “world” she lives in, but truthfully you know nothing about what she does or doesn’t do on a daily basis in regards to her career.

          If anything we should be proud of her for accepting her body for the way that it is and not changing it simply because some people dislike it.

        • Instantcoffe

          “i am a fan who owns a slice of her public image as a paying customer”

          I take it you like to buy sex services, amirite?


    • Axis

      You sir, are a moron. Her career before this was not defined by the mole she had and it will not be defined going forward by the lack of it now. Your opinion of how it affected your vision of her beauty is just that… your own opinion. To stand up and put it forth as some kind of valid argument for her to abide by is ridiculous. Sure some people will conform to dress codes and such for work but that is a far cry from saying something like “You need a nose job or your haircut is unflattering to me, change it”. Which is basically what you are saying. She did have the mole removed so I am sure you are happy. To speculate that she would not get roles because of her mole is beyond stupid since she had been getting roles with it for quite some time. The crowd you seem to think exists that would rise up as per Liber8 to make her bend to their will is the height of pomposity. She removed that mole for her own reasons which is her right. Defining what those reasons are is not yours. So say what you will and criticize people “who tell others what to do” but you should look in a mirror when you make that statement.

      Yes she is a public image but you don’t own anything related to it. All you have is your ability to either be a fan or not. That’s as far as your involvement goes, except possibly for the potential lunacy brewing in your skull. I hope you don’t go looking for her in real life, but following your lead, I will label you as a “potential stalker”. Don’t like that? Welcome to the other side then, where people just make up shit to justify their opinions. But you already are well versed with that, aren’t you?

  • rob

    she got it removed now.

    • Richard Stevens

      I’m glad she had it removed. It was a constant distraction…I kept wanting to brush it off her!…LOL! She is beautiful, especially as the redhead in G.I. Joe. Too bad they didn’t bring her back for the 2nd movie.

      • Loki

        yeah I’m sorry I just couldn’t stop looking at the damn thing I’m glad she got it taken off.

  • Ron

    On the last show, if I am not mistaken the eye tag is gone. I have had those, they are caused by a virus and will continue to grow. I don’t know why someone has hot has Rachel would want to leave it.

  • David Hill

    If her friends were asking her to remove the mole Rachel listened to their opinion why it should be gone. The mole is removed and life goes on.

  • MapleLeaf

    “I’ve had this skin tag under my eye. I decided to tie a string around it and take it off. I showed up for this season and said, ‘I got my mole removed,’ and [creator] Simon [Barry] said, ‘Oh, we’re going to have to digitally put it on you in all the flash forwards because those are the fans that we have.’”

    The future of Obamacare…