Diet for the Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Diet for the Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

The nutrition of an elderly person prone to constipation should contain a fairly large amount of dietary fiber, which causes the intestine to shrink and push fecal mass to the exit. You can find plenty of fibers in:

vegetables: avocados, zucchini, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, celery, legumes;

fruits: apples, apricots, pears, plums;

berries: raspberry, strawberry;

dried fruit;

nuts and seeds;

second dishes: pasta durum, oatmeal, boiled lentils, beans, chickpeas, black beans, boiled brown rice;

bran, which can be produced in the form of a nutritional supplement, as well as in bran bread;

dietary supplements

It is also necessary to limit products like celery, beans, and pasta.

If an elderly person has hardly ever had products with a large amount of fiber, their quantity should be increased gradually.

If an elderly is fed with a large amount of a healthy vegetable or fruit in a short period of time, they may experience abdominal distension.

The second rule of the diet for constipation is drinking plenty of fluids. Only in this case, the fiber can swell and, like a sponge, clean the intestines from the contents.

Drinking not milk, but fermented milk products is a must. They contain beneficial bacteria that promote digestion. In addition, they contain calcium, which is important for a person suffering from constipation: calcium is not only necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis, but is also used by muscle fibers for its work.

Also, you need to exclude:

any smoked meats;

fat varieties of poultry, fish, and meat;


boiled potatoes;

White rice;

White bread;

ice cream;

milk chocolate;

cow’s milk;


products from yeast dough;

carbonated drinks;

strong teas;


fast food;

cocoa drinks;




radish and radish;



How to treat chronic constipation in seniors with conditioned reflex? For this, you will need to learn to develop a conditioned reflex for going to the toilet. To do this, it is desirable in the morning, on an empty stomach, to consume 1 glass of warm water with honey (or tea) & after 20-30 minutes go to the toilet. The reflex cannot be established immediately: it may take at least 5 days. Medigap Supplemental Coverage: Get 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans at to focus on covering add-on costs such as co-insurance & copay for seniors living in the US.