Continuum Season 2 Coming to Netflix

In the United States, we’ve experienced the pain of Season 1 airing months after it finished its run in Canada. We’ve had our hopes dashed as Season 2 was out-of-sync by several weeks on Syfy, and those of our friends who were catching up on the show via Netflix had no way to hop on board with the second season, especially if they were cord-cutters. Well, hopefully, those who got hooked on the show will be able to feed their new addiction with minimal frustration now that Netflix has announced its run of Season 2 starting on September 29. (see FeedFliks article) Now our job as fans is to get the word out! Get your friends who watch most of their television on Netflix to feed their new addiction so that we’ll all be ready for Season 3 – hopefully in closer sync with Canada this time!

  • StarKiller

    Is there any word on when season 3 will air in the US? or have I missed the first episode again like season 2?

    • Continuum Podcast

      No word on that yet. They will start filiming in November, and Simon Barry says the Canadian air date is in “Q2″ of 2014 – so April, May, or June. Hopefully around the same time in the U.S.

  • James Hunter

    What about the uk when for season two on Netflix?

  • Jasmine Noble

    I just started watching this show a few days ago and just today on October 1st Netflix says it is banned in the United States. Does anyone have any clarity on that.