The Continuum Countdown Begins!

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It’s July 30th, and that means there are 36 days to go until the final season of Continuum begins. Join us as we remember our favorite moments from the 36 existing episodes of the show starting with the series premiere! We’ll be posting our fondest memories on Facebook and Twitter as will many of your fellow fans and the folks from the show. There’s a message from Simon Barry on the ContinuumSeries Facebook page to get things started.




#ContinuumCountdown begins today! Only 36 days until the Season 4 Premier of Continuum on Showcase. Share your favorite memories of Season 1, episode 1 here and enjoy this special message from series creator, Simon Barry!

Posted by Continuum The Series on Thursday, July 30, 2015


On the Set of Continuum Season 4


Electric Playground went behind the scenes to talk to the cast and crew about the fourth and final season of Continuum, and although it’s bittersweet for us fans to known everything’s coming to an end, it’s great to see these familiar faces back at work on our favorite show. As Simon Barry puts it in the video below:

“I’d probably trade having extra seasons and not being able to write an ending and to have an ending that we can actually control and write. In a lot of ways, this is a good thing for the show, and I’m not too upset about it.”

Show 087 – Continuum Countdown

Show 087 – Continuum Countdown

Hiatus Podcast Show News

It’s been ages since we talked about our favorite show, Continuum, but it’s time to return to the podcast to tell you about the Continuum Countdown! Together with the ContinuumSeries folks on social media, Mike and Dave will be counting down the 36 days until the season four premiere with reminiscences of each episode of the previous three seasons, one per day. The countdown begins with the season 1, episode 1 remembrances on July 30.

Mike and Dave are also taking this opportunity to talk about what they’ve been up to, what summer shows they’ve been watching, including Dark Matter, Defiance, Killjoys, Falling Skies, Extant, Humans, (caution: spoilers) and other more obscure fare. Plus show news and upcoming convention guests!

The Liber8 Continuum podcast will return for the season three rewatch entitled “Season Three: What Struck Me,” a daily 8-minute revisiting that will take place in the final 13 days of the countdown.

Gearing Up for the Return of Continuum

Gearing Up for the Return of Continuum

Blog Continuum Orphan Black

As summer approaches, we wanted to touch base with you guys about a couple of things coming up before the final six episodes of Continuum and our podcast. We’re still podcasting elsewhere, of course, but we want to go out with a bang on this, our first venture which has become so much more since we started in 2012.

  • We will be embarking on a joint venture with the ContinuumSeries social media account that we can’t talk about yet, but we’re very excited to be coming back to talk about Continuum before it actually goes on the air in Canada on July 26.
  • While we were pleasantly surprised by the number of listeners who asked if we would be back with Clone Wars, our Orphan Black podcast, we decided not to move forward with that. That was before we got involved with Golden Spiral Media, and our schedule runneth over.
  • With filming of season 4 ongoing, we have gathered plenty of behind-the-scenes photos (including the one above, taken by Stacy Jorgensen) for our Pinterest board. We also documented the recent “superfan” visit to Vancouver for those who participated in the Quinn Archer Kickstarter campaign. Check it out!

We’ll be back in just over a month. Stay tuned!

Continuum Season 4 is Underway


Filming has begun in Vancouver for the fourth and final season of Continuum! It kind of snuck up on us since the writers room only had to come up with six episodes. In fact, the mind-blowing news is that, although Showcase announced a “Fall 2015″ release for the season premiere, we recently found out that the final episodes will air starting July 26th! Don’t Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudsen look rather melancholy on the first day of shooting, knowing it’s their last season? Happy-sad! Can’t wait to start talking about Continuum again!


Show 086 – Continuum Season 4 Renewal

Show 086 – Continuum Season 4 Renewal

Hiatus Podcast

The fourth and final season of Continuum has been announced, and obviously the feelings are bittersweet. What happened to delay this announcement? Why are there only six episodes? When will the final episodes air? Will they have enough time to wrap things up? Will it fit with Simon Barry’s original vision? And what’s going on with the podcast? Mike and Dave attempt to answer these questions and more in our Season 4 renewal discussion.