Continuum Fans Rise Up & SPEAK!

Continuum Fans Rise Up & SPEAK!

Hiatus Podcast

When we asked Continuum fans to call in with their reasons why Showcase and Shaw should renew Continuum, we had no idea what to expect. Wow, did you guys deliver! A week’s worth of voicemails gave us voices from all over the world, and all unanimously believe the time has come for the waiting to end. We want a season four!

Thank you to those who called in and contributed to this podcast. We heard from the following towns and a few more which were not identifiable. Thank you so much! Let’s hope our voices reach the right ears!

Grand Prairie, TX
Falls Church, VA
Phoenix, AZ
Scituate, MA
Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL
Langhorne, PA
Arlington, TX
Bozeman, MT
Las Vegas, NV
Bucks, UK
Houston, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Montebello, CA
Islip, NY
New Westminster, BC
Oshawa, ON
Salinas, CA
Philomath, OR
Longueuil, PQ
Glendale, TX
Bolivar, TN
Kenner, LA
Toronto, ON

RISE UP – Renew Continuum Because…

Blog Hiatus Podcast

It’s time to let your voice be heard! We can’t take the not knowing! Tell us why Showcase should renew Continuum by calling our voice hotline: 773-LIBER88 (that’s 773-542-3788) and leave a one-sentence statement that completes the phrase, “Renew Continuum because…” When we get enough responses, we’ll edit them all together into an inspirational podcast. Because, come hell or high water, we will not give up as long as there’s a shred of hope. RISE UP, and join us!

BONUS – Dragon Con 2014 Continuum Fan Panel

BONUS – Dragon Con 2014 Continuum Fan Panel

Continuum Hiatus Podcast

Sorry for our extended absence! We’re busy over at Golden Spiral Media with our Extant and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcasts. But Continuum will always be our first love, and we were not alone at Dragon Con 2014. The Continuum fan panel room was filled – even more than last year when there were actual guests from the cast – with avid fans of the show and even a few listeners of our podcast! Enjoy this discussion between our four panelists: Ryan Guthrie, Tricia Ennis (, Kevin Bachelder (, and me (Mike)!

Extant Podcast Beginning Soon

Extant Podcast Beginning Soon


This site will be inactive for awhile as we get ready for our next podcast venture over at Golden Spiral Media (or just go to We will return at some point with some more hiatus topics, but in the meantime we hope you’ll consider checking out the new CBS show, Extant, and following along with our discussion. Podcast episode links are below.

iTunes | Episode 00 | 01 | 02 | 03

Show 085 – 3×13: Last Minute

Show 085 – 3×13: Last Minute

Continuum Podcast

The season finale, Last Minute, did NOT disappoint! The team-up we’ve all been waiting for; a conclusion to the Alec vs. Alec conflict; and a final determination to whether they’ve changed things… or is it? Plenty of questions still abound, and we’re here to discuss them all! Join us for sci-fi news, episode analysis, nitpicks, predictions, fan feedback, and our final Continuum Closeup game of the season.

CLONE WARS – Orphan Black 2×10

CLONE WARS – Orphan Black 2×10

Orphan Black Podcast

By Means Which Have Never Been Tried was an amazing season finale for Orphan Black’s sophomore foray! Although the resolution wasn’t exactly complete, it seems that steps are in place to give Clone Club many of the answers they seek leading into the next season. Some unexpected new clones arrived, and surprisingly, they’re NOT played by Tatiana Maslany! Join us as we discuss the final episode of the summer and speculate about what will happen next!