Nutritional advice about food ingredients for a retiree:

Nutritional advice about food ingredients for a retiree:

After retirement, it is necessary to take into account that there are difficulties for a correct diet, so special care must be taken in choosing the foods and culinary techniques that best adapt to age. An important aspect is the texture of the food. It is best to cook puree, pudding or soft. The use of sticky or crunchy foods is not recommended. So in the case of nuts, such as nuts, it is advisable to cut them into pieces. Add a handful of chopped nuts to your yogurts or puddings. It is a way to add protein (4 grams per 30) and fiber (2 grams per 30) to stay satiated until the next meal.

How does eating healthy help?

Being an older person, if you do not take care of your health and go with a regular healthy diet, you can be easily in the trap of deadly diseases. Visit for medicare advantage plans for 2020 today.

There has to be a decision made for following a routine and a healthy diet. You just need to include some healthy food ingredients which can show excellent results in order to have a healthy heart. Many people tend to practice different physical activities which help in making them fit.

This also leads to consuming healthy meals at the right time. The thing about healthy food ingredients is there characteristics and benefits. Eating well can help you cope with chronic health problems and is key to staying mentally active, emotionally balanced and energized, with a strong immune system. You must know what you are eating and what it is going to give you to support good health. There are a few nutritional advice and food ingredient qualities that you should know before consuming any healthy meal or diet.

Aspects to take into account in the preparation of dishes for the retirees:

Avoid very acidic foods such as:

  • Citrus fruits, fruits, and acid juices
  • Spicy condiments
  • Raw fruits
  • Salted, smoked or marinated foods
  • Fritters and batters

To avoid mastication problems it is recommended:

  • Meats: chopped or cooked chicken drumstick.
  • Cooked vegetables.
  • Fruits: in juice, cooked or raw very ripe.
  • Salted, smoked or marinated foods.
  • Cereals and legumes: boiled or mashed potatoes, stewed or mashed legumes.

For the little salivation:

  • Prepare foods that are broth or sauce rich.
  • Use preparations of soft and juicy consistencies.
  • Avoid fried foods, plates, baked and battered.
  • Cereals and legumes: boiled or mashed potatoes, stewed or mashed legumes.

Medicare M & N supplemental policies

Medicare M & N supplemental policies

The Medigap Modernization Act of 2010, can came into effect on June 1, 2010, and made some modifications to supplementary Medicare policies. These changes will not be binding for people who have already enrolled in a Medigap policy before that time. The changes will only affect those who have registered since June 1.

Medigap policies for E, H, I & J have been eliminated from Medicare. However, beneficiaries who still signed up to these policies can stay with them and do not need any further changes. Preventive care and home recovery are two benefits that were also eliminated as they were underutilized by Medicare recipients. Individuals who have signed up for policies before June 1, 2010 and receive any of these benefits may keep on using them. Other vital changes include the inclusion of palliative care to supplementary Medicare policy that will be a major benefit to all Medigap policies.

The new Medicare modified policies will also include 2 new policies that may be of interest to people who are currently enrolled in the Medicare Advantage policy. These two policies include the Medicare Supplemental Policy M and the Medicare Supplemental Policy. Because of the increased cost of Medicare Advantage fees and the increasing number of doctors who have chosen not to participate, Medigap policies to provide Medicare M & N and various cost-sharing features that allow both policies to receive smaller rewards than policies. Supplementary services, such as Medicare Supplementary Policy F or Supplemental Policy G.

The new Medicare M policy offers peculiar options for cost-sharing that are particularly attractive to very healthy beneficiaries of Medicare. Policy M provides half the Medicare Part A deductibles. In 2010, this was around $1,100 per period of service. For example, if you get a hospital bed and make a Medicare supplement plans for 2020 policy, you have to pay half of the Medicare benefits of $1,200 or $600. The current rules will continue to apply to Part A of Medicare. If you travel 60 days or more and have to travel again during the calendar year, you will have to pay again for this deductible. With an extra Medicare M policy, you are also responsible for making payment for the Medicare Part B benefits, which for the year 2010 was is $155. There is no copayment fee for this deductible, and the policy pays 20 percent of the total. insurance costs for co-insurance

Another new policy (Policy N) was introduced on June 1. This policy also gives recipients cost-sharing options very identical to the Medicare M health policy, but with the N policy it takes the form of a refund. If you are hospitalized and enrolled in a national health supplement, you have to pay a salary of USD 50. For medical exams, a deductible of approximately US $20 per visit is achieved after obtaining the annual Medicare Part B in 2010. The payments will allow the N Medigap Policy premium to be less than the currently available Medicare support policies.

The Premium on Medigap

The Premium on Medigap

You have to spend a lot of time looking at the premium on Medigap. When considering the available options for supplementary Medicare insurance, the Medigap insurance plan is a very useful supplement to the pension plan, especially if many medical examinations and medical procedures are planned. However, taking into cognizance the variety of Medigap options and associated costs for each, each person must dedicate all the time necessary to choosing the best plan in terms of financial fitness and health benefits.

With regards to the cost of Medigap, the number one thing not to forget is that Medigap policies are formulated so that all the insurance firms will provide the same kind of Medicare supplement plans. For instance, Insurance Company A’s Medigap N plan offers the same benefits as Insurance Company B’s N plan. An important benefit is that it makes it easier to compare one plan with another plan. For a company, the final price would depend on a combination of tariff regimes using, since the state in which the plan is provided, the prevailing general market for supplemental health insurance plans and its reputation in the market.

To purchase insurance, you need to know all the factors that will help you determine the lowest prices for the plans in question. The pricing system used is an imperative area of the 2019 Medicare Supplement plans world which you need to familiarize yourself with. Businesses use one of 3 possible systems to determine the price of their Medigap plans.

• Attained-Age plans.

The premium price for this plan is based on the age of the policy holder and increases each year gradually as the insured person’s age increases. Plan C can cost about $ 147 per month in year 0, around $ 153 per month in first year, $ 160 per month in second year, and so on and so forth. The price of the plan here will be lower initially, but will gradually increase each year.

• Issue-age.

As part of the strategy for Medigap cost, insurance firms decide on the figure of the plan based on the age of the beneficiary when the plan is taken out and the cost of the premium no longer increases. .

Using the previous example, assume that year 0 is 65 years old. If an insured person takes out the plan at age 65, the premium price will be $ 145 per month and will remain unchanged for the duration of the plan. If the same person joins the plan at age 67, the price will be $ 160 per month and will remain unchanged for the duration of the plan. However, keep in mind that emergency management plan usually costs more in year 0 than plan of the same age.

• Plan evaluated by the community.

In this plan, the price of the premium is fixed, except that whatever its age, it changes for everyone and remains the same for all. This plan is often used by companies with a large customer base because it is a great way to attract customers because its average cost is lower.

Do not miss the Benefits of MA plans

Do not miss the Benefits of MA plans

Many are of the opinion that when they chose a plan to supplement Medicare plan, that will be all. Health insurance alternatives are changing every year and Medicare itself has changed in recent times. The coverage, which offers the highest benefit for the best price this year, until next year may become obsolete. The only way to know this is to regularly compare Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans.One of these possibilities arises every year. You can participate in any of the Medicare Advantage policies from 15 October through December 7. This is the only time of the year when most of these plans open after the initial application phase when you qualify for Medicare for the first time. Medigap Insurance is available throughout the year.

On its own, Medicare beneficiaries can pay hospital bills and medical assistance. Some understand that MA plans are actually considered part of Medicare – Part C – and Advantage plans also receive government subsidies. They literally have $0 prizes in some cases, which means it will not cost more than you paid already for the prizes of part B.Unfortunately, Medicare Advantage plans are not widely available. Some parts of the country, especially urban centers, have many options. In rural areas, however, few of these plans are available. All Advantage plans emanate from private health insurance companies, so it is not shared among all beneficiaries of Medicare.

When benefit plans are available, they generally improve Medicare coverage. Most offer benefits in dental treatments, glasses and hearing aids. Many treatments, but not all, are usually treated. It is estimated that 11.7 million participants replaced Medicare Advantage plans for Medicare coverage, and 9 million are supplementing Medicare with the Medigap insurance plan.It’s like buying bigger purchases. The best way to save premium is to compare the different Medicare Advantage plans for different insurers.

Advantage plans must meet Medicare guidelines. In addition, Medicare Advantage plans are now classified on a five-star scale. The most well-priced plans can receive more federal donations, which should keep the premiums low. Not many plans earn five stars. More companies will probably start competing for additional revenue.As these plans are offered by private companies, you will find a great variation in the rules. If individual plans cover your medication and your doctor are some of the most important considerations.

Not all plans cover all prescribed medications. These plans also have their own network of hospitals and doctors that have negotiated to keep costs down. Most Advantage plans do not cover treatment outside of your network. If it is too challenging to compare different coverage options, it is very easy to get help without paying for it. Independent health insurance companies do not work for a specific insurance company. They have contracts with several insurers to offer their plans. These brokers can help you compare the coverage and costs of different companies, and can simplify and shorten your search by Medicare Supplement insurance.

How to maintain good oral health at age 65 and above?

How to maintain good oral health at age 65 and above?

As we get older, there are certain personal hygiene steps we tend to forget, dental hygiene seems to be one of them. Age on its own is not the only factor in determining oral health. Certain medical conditions such as arthritis in the hands and fingers may make the brushing process on its own difficult to perform. Some medications may also affect dental health and influence changes in dental treatment. Old age puts the aged people at risk for some oral health complications such as;

  • Root decay. As gum tissues wear off the teeth, the teeth roots become more exposed. This makes it easier for the tooth root to be exposed to decay-causing acids.
  • Gum diseases. It is the major cause of tooth loss. It is usually caused by plaques and worsened by leftover food in the mouth, use of tobacco, poor diets and some diseases conditions such as anaemia and diabetes.
  • Thrush. This is an infection caused by the overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans in the mouth. It comes with white rashes and can be caused by diseases and drugs that affect the immune system.
  • Darkened teeth. This is very common among the seniors. It can be caused by changes in the dentin, thinning of the outer enamel and a lifetime of consuming teeth-staining foods and beverages.

How to improve dental care for the seniors?

Oral health care has to do with multiple approaches all geared towards maintaining a clean, disease free and pain-free tooth. If you are responsible for taking care of an elderly one, it is important you establish a consistent oral healthcare routine:

  • Brushing morning and night

Brushing is the most effective way to do away with dental plaques and avoid the bacteria that comes with it. The brush should be placed at 45o angle to the gum line and should be taken back and forth and in a circular motion. Ensure you use a soft tooth brush.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste

High fluoride is recommended for the very aged people as it naturally protects the teeth against decay and strengthens the tooth enamel.

  • Changes in dietary intake

The fact remains that tooth decay is directly related to the number of times sugar is taken rather than the amount taken thus its frequency should be reduce. Meals containing milk or cheese can help reduce tooth-decay causing acids. Encourage that enough water be taken after meals (especially sugary meals) and after taking medications.

  • Visit dentist for regular check up

The person in charge of the senior one should make sure of this and get them a Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2019 with It is even recommended that a health professional perform an oral health assessment continuously.

Things to know when retirement is approaching:

Things to know when retirement is approaching:

When the retirement date approaches most of us we begin to ask questions about different issues that may affect our life as retirees and the financial planning of this stage of our life. These doubts tend to appear in the 55-60 age group and although there are still a few years left for retirement, it is convenient to have some questions about retirement, which avoid us making mistakes without room for action.

In addition, the public pension system is in the process of transition so consider a 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison This period of transition causes more doubts among those who retire before the year 10-15 years. Here are some clarifications to some of these issues:

Ordinary retirement age:

The most well-known change introduced by the latest update of the public pension system is the delay in retirement age to 67 years after 10-15 years. Until reaching the next 10-15 years, the ordinary retirement age will be increased little by little, so that the retirement age for workers who retire currently is 65 years and 5 months.

In any case, we can always retire at age 65 when we have a full working life, that is, we must have paid Social Security (SS) for 38 years and 6 months. If your planned retirement date is before 10-15 years, it is advisable to visit the Social Security website where you can find the ordinary retirement age that applies in each year.

Requirements for access to retirement:

A few years back, the age of access to the retirement pension depended on the age of the interested party and the contributions accumulated throughout his working life, requiring having reached the age of:

•    67 years old

•    65 years when 38 years and 6 months of contribution are credited

If I retire before, will my pension be reduced?

Yes, one of the drawbacks of accessing retirement early is that it means a reduction in the amount of the public pension to be charged throughout life as a retiree. In the two cases mentioned above, the pension will be reduced by applying the following coefficients for each quarter that anticipates retirement with respect to the ordinary retirement age of each year: Consequently, it is advisable to reduce exposure to assets with higher risk, such as variable income, and to transfer (transfers between plans have no costs to the client) part or all of the accumulated assets to pension plans with a more conservative profile, and thus avoid shocks in the last years before retirement.

Transport discounts after retirement

Transport discounts after retirement

After working a lifetime, it’s time to retire, but we do not always have enough money to do all the activities we’ve been dreaming about for years. Retirement discounts are not always available to everyone, so we want to list the various options from which you can obtain benefits both nationally and in different societies of the country. To be able to access any discount we must be identified with the pensioner card to show that they are entitled to visit and get a 2020 Medicare advantage comparison

Transport discounts offered by Transport Consortium of the state:

It has special discounts for retired people, being very cheap compared to the prices for other users. We provide all the discounts for people over 65 years on public transport:


Some trains also have a great discount in all its modalities (long distance, short distance, Medium distance, alleys, and avenues), for it we must acquire the special card, which gives the right to obtain additional discounts from 25% to 50% dependent on the type of service and day of the week.


The long-distance buses also have discounts for the older ones, being the different companies, those that get to do up to 40% discount on their tickets


The long and short distance, both the flights have really a good discount of about 50% of air tickets and also a few more services like meals and other items included in the fare.


When you retire and want to make an economic trip, the first thing you think about is some services provided by institutional bodies especially for senior adults who are willing to do the task of organizing activities for retirees. Thanks to this entity, dependent on the Government can book many trips in and out of the peninsula at a very affordable price in both low and high season.

Another advantage of this kind of services is that the companion can benefit despite being active. In addition to the travel program, trips to different spas are very much in demand. There are many travel agencies are making great efforts to make discounts to retired people. The network of some of the renowned travel agencies has created the golden days where they offer between 10% and 35% to people over 60 and above. Thus the government of any country has to ensure their senior citizen to give them a good discount on public and private transport services.

Causes of sleep problems in the elderly

Causes of sleep problems in the elderly

A high percentage of people over 65 have a sleep disorder, such as insomnia and awakenings during the night. If that is your case, let us know its causes. Aging affects all the functions performed by the body and also influences the quality of sleep. Different studies, including Sleep Disorders in the elderly and in dementias, by professionals, indicate that sleep disorders are very frequent among adults.

Older due, among other reasons to the physiological changes that the person experiences over the years and that entail a reduction of the time spent in slow sleep and an increase in light sleep. This situation generates a vicious circle since it tends to have more awakenings during the night to get out of bed at a very early hour and to sleep an excessive time during the day, which in turn makes night-time sleep difficult.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that manifests with a waking state at bedtime. According to the World Health Organization can differentiate 88 sleep disorders, but among them, insomnia is the most frequent, affecting 8-10% of the adult population. Although the causes for which older people have this problem are very varied, it is considered that the following are the main ones:

•    Reduction of the need for sleep due to a lower capacity for brain regeneration.

•    Loss of ability to adequately regulate circadian rhythms so that, compared to a young adult, their night-time sleep is lower but the daytime greater.

•    Reduction of daytime activity.

•    The condition of any pathology. Experts point out that any pathology can directly affect the quality of sleep, and even the effects of some of them are only reflected during the night, such as restless legs syndrome.

•    Psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression, also reduce the ability to sleep at night and affect the quality of sleep.

•    The taking of certain medications makes rest difficult because they can cause the alteration of the secretion of melatonin. A hormone that intervenes in the regulation of sleep. The increase in the urge to urinate, or a greater state of alertness. Among the drugs that may have these side effects are some used for the treatment of hypertension, corticosteroids, and antidepressants, among others.

•    Self-medication to sleep, since the lack of control by a health professional for the treatment of insomnia, can have the opposite effect.

•    Bad habits of life, such as the intake of alcohol or exciting substances, sedentary lifestyle and smoking, negatively affect rest.

How to Choose a Medigap Plan For You

How to Choose a Medigap Plan For You

A medical plan is very necessary for every one of us. This type of program helps us with any type of emergency that may occur. Health insurance will help you worry less about money problems in an emergency. These types of plans are very important, particularly for the elderly. You should find the best plan available today so you do not have any problem when claiming insurance. Some health insurance companies offer special plans to people over the age of 65.

When making a choice of insurance plan, you must endeavor to select the ones that are made by the government. Some of the health insurance companies are currently in charge of the US government. The social security available today is Medicare. Before selecting the plan, you should review the details of the Medicare program to make sure it meets the criteria. When a person accepts the Medicare supplement plan, they get only 80% of the total medical costs.

The remaining 20% ​​can be reimbursed for personal health insurance coverage. Internet is a way to search for details on the Medicare supplement plan. If you are a US beneficiary, you are entitled to these plans. Medicare offers you different types of plans these days. At first, if you look at the plans and choices you have, it may seem confusing. But when you learn the Medicare information, you can clear up all your confusion.

If you have this plan, the US government will receive a card that will help you take advantage of it. It is very imperative that you find out the necessary details of a Medicare policy before you think about signing up for any of the plans. There is a plan called “Medicare Advantage Plan”. Many people do not understand and do not ask for the Medicare benefit. As regards to other plans of the Medicare insurance program, you can utilize the card provided by the government with the other cards provided by the private insurance agencies. However, regarding the Advantage Plan, you can only use the Government Benefits Card.

The government has provided some information as regards to Medicare supplemental plans on the Internet. There are many extra plans from where you can select the one that best suits your needs. J and F plans are the 2 very popular plans accessible for all plans. The other two additional plans are called M and N plans. These plans offer different insurance plans.

Certain states (e.g. Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Colorado, South Dakota, and Oregon) provide the existing 10 existing Medigap plans to people under 65 years old. Even if your status is not listed above, it is possible for an insurance company to sell you Medigap plans. You can also contact the state health insurance program (SHIP) for a free consultation. Find 2020 Medicare Supplement Rates here and monthly insurance premiums can be more expensive if you are under 65 years old. Prices vary from state to state and, although the benefits of Medigap plan are standardized, they are not.

Diet for the Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Diet for the Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

The nutrition of an elderly person prone to constipation should contain a fairly large amount of dietary fiber, which causes the intestine to shrink and push fecal mass to the exit. You can find plenty of fibers in:

vegetables: avocados, zucchini, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, celery, legumes;

fruits: apples, apricots, pears, plums;

berries: raspberry, strawberry;

dried fruit;

nuts and seeds;

second dishes: pasta durum, oatmeal, boiled lentils, beans, chickpeas, black beans, boiled brown rice;

bran, which can be produced in the form of a nutritional supplement, as well as in bran bread;

dietary supplements

It is also necessary to limit products like celery, beans, and pasta.

If an elderly person has hardly ever had products with a large amount of fiber, their quantity should be increased gradually.

If an elderly is fed with a large amount of a healthy vegetable or fruit in a short period of time, they may experience abdominal distension.

The second rule of the diet for constipation is drinking plenty of fluids. Only in this case, the fiber can swell and, like a sponge, clean the intestines from the contents.

Drinking not milk, but fermented milk products is a must. They contain beneficial bacteria that promote digestion. In addition, they contain calcium, which is important for a person suffering from constipation: calcium is not only necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis, but is also used by muscle fibers for its work.

Also, you need to exclude:

any smoked meats;

fat varieties of poultry, fish, and meat;


boiled potatoes;

White rice;

White bread;

ice cream;

milk chocolate;

cow’s milk;


products from yeast dough;

carbonated drinks;

strong teas;


fast food;

cocoa drinks;




radish and radish;



How to treat chronic constipation in seniors with conditioned reflex? For this, you will need to learn to develop a conditioned reflex for going to the toilet. To do this, it is desirable in the morning, on an empty stomach, to consume 1 glass of warm water with honey (or tea) & after 20-30 minutes go to the toilet. The reflex cannot be established immediately: it may take at least 5 days. Medigap Supplemental Coverage: Get 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans at to focus on covering add-on costs such as co-insurance & copay for seniors living in the US.